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Case Studies

goTRG Report: 2023 Returns Insights and 2024 Forecast

Feb 23, 2024

To tackle the $743 billion return problem, retailers are exploring new strategies and partnerships to curtail returns and return fraud.

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2023 Impact Report

goTRG's 2023 Impact Report examines the effects of returns on the economy and the environment.


Returns Report: 2023 Holiday Predictions

Report on retail returns during the holiday season and what to expect for 2023. goTRG surveyed 500 US-based retailers to uncover trends, challenges, and strategies for handling returns.


What Retailers Really Want – Returns Management Edition – Fall 2023

E-commerce return rates are high and problematic for the environment and finances. Entrepreneurs and investors seek sustainable solutions that align with retailers' needs. This report offers insights into the current state of returns management.


2023 Spring Survey: The Cost of Retail Returns

A report surveyed 500 US-based retailers with annual revenues of over $750 million to uncover their current returns-related priorities and strategies. The report provides insights into key challenges, emerging trends, and actionable strategies to optimize returns processes and enhance financial outcomes.


Retailers’ Challenges, Perspectives, and Evolving Strategies for 2023

Retailers face a major challenge with costly returns, which amounted to $816 billion in 2022. To address this, they are investing in reverse logistics and technology, changing policies, and partnering with third-party providers. goTRG offers solutions for higher resale margins in various categories.


What Is Your Returns Provider Giving You for Christmas This Year?

Many retailers are turning to returns management providers to reduce holiday return costs and recover higher profits. A survey found that 56% of retailers invest in third-party support and intelligent software. Finding the right partner is key, and an article highlights 12 gifts the best returns providers can offer this season and beyond.