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Transform returns into profitable opportunities for your business by bringing them back to life and maximizing their recovery.
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ReturnPro for SMB

The World’s Premier End-to-End Returns Management Platform

ReturnPro amalgamates the best features of an enterprise returns management SaaS and a network of dedicated returns centers that perform value-added supply chain and reCommerce services across the US and Canada.

Set up your ReturnPro account in under 15 minutes, and start managing your returns like a pro.

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Available for SMBs and Brands That Use

Marketplace Integration & Shopper Experience

Connect your marketplace accounts and reduce returns with robust configuration for return reasons, return windows, eligibility criteria, refunds, credits, exchanges, and gift returns. Tailor the shopper experience with branding, content editing, multi-languages, and multi-currencies.

Trusted Customers & Instant Refunds

Define trusted customers and enable instant refunds using trusted customer algorithm to offer flexible options to your best customers.

Flexible Returns, Exchanges, and Keep It Option

ReturnPro provides the flexibility to tailor refund methods, incentivize repurchases, and offer store credit, while also streamlining product exchanges “keep it” rules.

Convenient Drop-Off & Mail-Back

ReturnPro offers a hassle-free solution for drop-off and mail-back returns. Utilizing our vast partner network, employ QR codes, and enjoy cost-effective shipping rates, all while having the flexibility to connect your preferred carrier for a smooth return process.

Messaging & Notifications

End-to-end tracking, dynamic notifications, and centralized messaging support, sellers gain control and enhance communication across all their marketplaces.

Setup & Reporting

ReturnPro simplifies the onboarding process through a self-guided wizard for easy account setup. Gain insights to your returns with a built-in dashboard, standardized reporting, and on-demand data exports.

Added Benefits for Marketplace Sellers

You and your 3PL can focus on forward fulfillment

White-label returns portal offers a seamless, branded returns experience for your customers

Quickly turn inventory back to restock, or leverage goTRG’s B2B and B2C resale network

Ability to leverage our retail partners for additional local drop-off options to return anything anywhere

Easily Connect to the Most Popular Marketplaces and Carriers

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