Transforming Returns into


covered profits

furbished products

sale opportunities

stored planet

covered profits

It's time to revolutionize returns management. goTRG is the world's first turnkey reverse logistics company that specializes in recovering lost profits from returns and distressed inventory while eliminating inefficiencies and contributing to a more sustainable planet.

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How we're different

goTRG is the only company to deliver fully managed returns solutions for enterprise retailers and manufacturers, replacing costly delays, human error, and legacy systems with profit-driven solutions.

Our Super Powers

Recover Profits

Turn returns and distressed inventory into profitable business opportunities for your brand.

Restock Products

Get products back into your inventory immediately, and eliminate expensive touches.

Resale Opportunities

Identify the most profitable recommerce channel with goTRG’s automated software integrations.

Restore the Planet

Contribute to the circular economy, where products live longer and produce less waste.

Demonstrated Results

$3+ billion

recovered for our clients

30 million

refurbished products annually

100+ million

items processed annually

2 million MT

of CO2 removed from environment

Our Valued Clients

We have a proven model and a demonstrated track record. We have staked our reputation on the results we have achieved for our clients and partners. That’s why the largest retailers and manufacturers in the world trust goTRG to manage their returns.

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The Transformation

app returns retailers

For Retailers

Returns are inevitable, but they don’t have to be detrimental. Retailers recover 60% more value from their returns on average when adopting goTRG's tech-driven solutions.

worker manufacturers

For Manufacturers

Manufacturers regularly wait 30-60 days to receive returns before they can devise a resale strategy. With goTRG’s managed solution, products are refurbished and resold in as little as 7 days.

restore the planet

For the Environment

A linear returns model creates billions of metric tons of trash each year. That’s why goTRG subscribes to a circular model, diverting 20+ million pounds of products from hitting landfills each year, and keeping products in circulation longer.

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