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Case Studies

goTRG’s Reverse Supply Chain Efficiency Cuts Returns Costs by 19%

Aug 31, 2022

Learn how a national home improvement retailer recovered 19% of returns management costs monthly by eliminating inefficiencies at every touchpoint.

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Global Online Marketplace sees Faster Refunds and Higher Recoveries with goTRG’s Third-Party Seller Returns Management Solution

Learn how a multinational omnichannel retailer improved returns recovery by 10%.


goTRG’s Custom Computer Configuration and Repair Services Boosts Sales and Sustainability

Learn how a brand boosted sales by $10M and reduced carbon footprint by goTRG's supply chain services.


Smart Algorithms Save Products from Being Sent to Landfill

Learn how a retailer improved returns recovery by 700% by using goTRG's data-driven engine to divert products to their most lucrative path.


goTRG’s Connected Suite of Returns Management Solutions Delivers Broad Benefits for Major Home Improvement Retailer

Learn how a national home improvement retailer reduced returns processing time by 70% and recovered $10M+ in lost profits through goTRG’s fully managed returns solutions.


goTRG’s TV and Computer Repair Programs Open New Profit Avenues and Reverse Logistics Savings

Learn how a multinational discount retailer recovered over $17M+ in lost revenue through goTRG’s best-in-class refurbishment solutions.


6 Million of Idle Inventory Turned to Cash

goTRG helps solve the retail returns problem by processing, refurbishing, and reselling inventory. goTRG increases retail profitability and sustainability.