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Maximize your retail returns. Streamline your operations and efficiency within a single integrated platform to optimize working capital and effortlessly reduce costs.
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Discover Our State-of-the-Art Returns Management Enterprise Software

Our returns management platform automates and optimizes your returns process with dedicated returns SaaS to drive efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and boost revenue.

In-Store and eCommerce Returns

Seamlessly integrate into any POS system to facilitate hassle-free in-store returns. Upstream, real-time intelligent disposition decisions, that reduce touches and costs.

Post-Purchase Experience

Deliver the best shopper experience, save the sale, and recover previously lost returned revenue.

Policy and Contract Management

Shared workspace for retailers and vendors to administer policies, and efficiently manage the Return Authorization (RA) process.

Intelligent Disposition and Pricing

Apply disposition intelligence at every touch, ensuring the most profitable path is followed throughout the reverse life-cycle.


Build complex reverse supply chain workflows with ease. A warehouse management system that’s optimized for reverse logistics.

ReCommerce Software for Returns and Overstock

List returned, overstock, and distressed inventory on the original sales channel or simultaneously across 20+ integrated retail, wholesale, and liquidation marketplaces.

Reverse Supply Chain Services

Dedicated reverse logistics centers across North America, deliver best-in-class reverse supply chain services, producing the highest yields and most competitive recoveries.

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Reverse Logistics Centers

Recognized and Certified

R2v3 certified to our Fort Worth, Texas and Milton, Ontario facilities.

ReCommerce Services

We take care of every aspect of the sales process for your returned, overstock, and distressed inventory.

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Results Delivered

Learn how goTRG’s returns management solutions for enterprise solved returns problems for our clients.

goTRG’s Reverse Supply Chain Efficiency Cuts Returns Costs by 19%


Global Online Marketplace sees Faster Refunds and Higher Recoveries with goTRG’s Third-Party Seller Returns Management Solution

Consumer Electronics

goTRG’s Custom Computer Configuration and Repair Services Boosts Sales and Sustainability

Optimized Returns across Multiple Categories

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