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Case Studies

goTRG Report: 2023 Returns Insights and 2024 Forecast

Feb 23, 2024

To tackle the $743 billion return problem, retailers are exploring new strategies and partnerships to curtail returns and return fraud.

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Omnichannel Returns: Why Retailers Are Facing Record Fraud and How to Prevent It

Fraud costs retailers $10.30 per $100 in returns, resulting in a loss of $761 annually and a $78.4 billion problem. Our expert on fraud and loss prevention offers tips on identifying predators and preventing losses during the holidays and in an age of increasing fraud.


ReCommerce and the Secondary Market: Five Strategies to Overcome Rising Competition and Costs

Today, the demand for secondary market goods remains high. To remain competitive and recover profits on the secondary market, wholesalers have to adjust.


How to Choose the Right Partner to Manage Your Retail Returns

Third-party returns organizations provide essential services, but retailers must carefully choose the right partner to reach their business goals.


2022 Spring Survey: Consumer Shopping & Returns Behavior

Here we review the latest consumer spending, shopping, and returning preferences for Spring 2022.


Holiday Survey on Shopping & Returns: What Consumers Expect from Retailers in 2021

To find out exactly how shoppers feel and what they expect from retailers, our team at goTRG conducted a 2021 holiday survey.