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Case Studies

RMA Meaning: What is an RMA and why is it important for SMB retailers and marketplace sellers?

Feb 20, 2024

Mastering RMA: A guide to returns for SMB brands and 3P sellers

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Perspectives: William Alexander, Senior Transportation Manager

Meet William Alexander, the driving force behind goTRG’s thriving Transportation department. Learn more about his journey and the strategies that led to exponential growth.


Perspectives: Veronica Arias, People Operations Manager

Meet Veronica Arias, People Operations Manager at goTRG. In this month’s Perspective blog, we learn first-hand what it means to experience goTRG’s contagious company culture.


Perspectives: Mirlande Dominique, Cost Account Manager

Mirlande Dominique is a skilled Cost Account Manager who brings valuable insights to goTRG's business. She believes that goTRG's biggest asset is its employees, and her radiant smile illuminates the company's headquarters.


Perspectives: Bolivar Rodriguez, Operations Planning & Forecasting Manager

Bolivar Rodriguez, the Operations Planning & Forecasting Manager at goTRG, is known as the "Swiss Army Knife" due to his expertise in data analysis. He creates models for Operations and reports for Finance and Sales, and designs pricing models for clients.


Changes in Returns Policies: Why Major Retailers Like Zara, Neiman Marcus, and DSW Are Charging For Returns

Zara, Neiman Marcus, DSW Adapt to Rising Returns Costs with Fees & Enhanced Reverse Logistics Solutions


Strategies for Sustainable E-commerce Returns: The Influence of Returns Management and Reverse Logistics Software

An eCommerce surge led to staggering returns, costs, and environmental impact. Here are some sustainable solutions.