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Reverse Logistics

Sustainability in Reverse Logistics: Advancing Retail’s Circular Economy

How retailers can improve their returns management with sustainable practices that also boost revenue.


Breaking Barriers and Shattering Ceilings: Women at the Forefront of Supply Chain & Reverse Logistics

Commemorating International Women’s Day 2024 by examining how women in supply chain and reverse logistics have reshaped the industry.


Retail Returns: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Hottest Takes on this Year's Holiday Shopping Frenzy

Brace for an uptick in retail returns after record-breaking Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in 2023.


Changes in Returns Policies: Why Major Retailers Like Zara, Neiman Marcus, and DSW Are Charging For Returns

Zara, Neiman Marcus, DSW Adapt to Rising Returns Costs with Fees & Enhanced Reverse Logistics Solutions


Returns Made Easy: How Returns Software Simplifies the Returns Management Experience

AI-driven Returns Software optimizes retail returns, decreases operational costs, and boosts revenue by making smarter disposition decisions .


Product Returns Processing: Optimizing Recovery Potential with reCommerce

The secondary market is booming with the help of product returns processing systems. Retailers can recover lost profits by embracing reCommerce solutions.