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Why Shifting Return Policies Can Create Shopping Surges

February 28, 2023

hopping surges over the holiday season brought higher returns volumes, costing retailers significant financial burdens to process unwanted items. Compounding the issue, online shopping has soared in recent years, with return rates hovering between 20 percent to 30 percent. To offset rising costs of reverse management, many retailers are adjusting policies to incentivize in-store returns, driving record numbers of shoppers to stores. This approach…

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About goTRG

goTRG is a leading reverse logistics company that specializes in solving returns. goTRG's connected suite of returns management SaaS, reverse supply chain, and ReCommerce services, under one roof, delivers a true end-to-end solution for returns from initiation through resale. goTRG works with retailers, eCommerce brands, and vendors, to deliver the smartest choices for every touch movement and pricing decision, while also preventing items from unnecessarily ending up in landfills.

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