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The big game’s big scam: Five ways to tackle Super Bowl TV return fraud

February 7, 2024

In this byline article, goTRG CEO, Sender Shamiss, discusses the prevailing issue of retail return fraud, which reached a record $101 billion in 2023, and specifically how electronics retailers can mitigate the surge in TV return fraud, a trend that occurs every year after the big game. During Super Bowl season customers buy and return TVs, a practice known as "wardrobing." Our internal statistics from goTRG's dedicated returns centers see a spike in TV sales and returns during this time with a 36% increase in return rates post-Super Bowl. Retailers are advised to employ advanced returns management software, partner with refurbishment experts, and implement strict return policies to combat fraudulent returns. Employee training is also critical in recognizing and preventing such fraud. These steps are essential for maintaining retail integrity amidst the Super Bowl frenzy.

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