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Returning a gifted item? Here's what happens after giving the item back

January 26, 2024

Fox Business anchor, Gerri Willis spoke with goTRG CEO, Sender Shamiss at the NRF 2024 tradeshow about the product returns journey and the technology behind it.

Mr. Shamiss illuminated upon the intricacies of the reverse lifecycle and how goTRG is dedicated to its mission of solving returns. He mentions that goTRG deals with 40 million returns a year, everything from computers to phones to clothing and furniture.

goTRG saves millions of tonnes of products from hitting landfills each year. The company utilizes an intelligent disposition engine backed by deep data science to run a specialized algorithm for each and every returned product. The AI-powered SaaS decides a product's most lucrative and efficient return path from the point of return initiation all the way to its second shelf. goTRG's value add services include repairing and refurbishing so a product never has to see a landfill, while achieving the highest profit recovery for each item.

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About goTRG

goTRG is a leading reverse logistics company that specializes in solving returns. goTRG's connected suite of returns management SaaS, reverse supply chain, and ReCommerce services, under one roof, delivers a true end-to-end solution for returns from initiation through resale. goTRG works with retailers, eCommerce brands, and vendors, to deliver the smartest choices for every touch movement and pricing decision, while also preventing items from unnecessarily ending up in landfills.

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