Who We Are

Our mission is to make returns more efficient, profitable and sustainable for our retail and manufacturer partners.

We achieve this with a world-class team devoted to technological innovation and environmental responsibility.  

15 locations


2000+ teammates


3+ million ft2

warehouse space

100 million units

processed annually

Our Story

We imagined a world where market data, automated decision-making, and machine learning synergized in real-time for the entire life cycle of a return. We imagined a world where this intelligent technology fueled innovation and sustainability.

We have spent over 1 million hours perfecting this world-class returns management platform.

So, we assembled a team of engineers, developers and retail professionals with decades of experience to tackle the returns problem and transform one of our industry’s greatest challenges into a profitable and sustainable opportunity. In 2008, goTRG emerged as the first end-to-end solution, combining SaaS, supply chain, and reCommerce verticals under one roof.

We learned you cannot transform an entire industry by only tackling one part of the problem: It must be a holistic solution. We have a demonstrated track record and a proven model in partnership with the world’s largest retailers and manufacturers.


Our Values


gotrg teammates

goTRG is 2000+ teammates strong across the globe. Our people are our top priority before, during, and after hours. We promote healthy living, positive culture, and creative connectivity between ourselves and the communities we serve. From across the world, through multiple time zones and different languages, we use every communication tool available to collaborate as one unified team.


gotrg innovation experts

We are a collective of experts who are passionate about transforming retail through technology and data-driven solutions. We see an opportunity to continually disrupt the traditional process, and we motivate each other to solve retail’s greatest current challenge: returns. Through innovation, we are transforming returns by reducing operational expenses, increasing profits and eliminating needless waste.


gotrg partnership

We are relationship-oriented in all we do. To us, a true partnership is one where both parties are aligned in their goals and have a financial stake in the upside they create together. That’s why we’ve invested our dollars alongside our clients to demonstrate our commitment to success. 

We don’t sell out-of-the-box software. Instead, we work with partners to understand their challenges and customize solutions to optimize their reverse supply chain and double bottom line. We’ve built our reputation on the results we’ve achieved through this partner-centric approach.


gotrg sustainability

We care deeply about the community and the planet, and we are deliberate about showing it. From beach cleanups, to banning in-office plastics, and reusing office supplies, we strive to make a difference that will change the world for our future generations.

Our impact