William Alexander,
Director of Transportation

Introducing William Alexander…with an entrepreneurial spirit, he has driven remarkable success in building goTRG’s Transportation department. Under his leadership and extensive experience in transportation logistics, William has transformed the department into a thriving and integral business segment. In our latest Perspectives Blog, we delve into his journey and explore the strategies that have propelled goTRG’s transportation division to exponential growth.

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Over to you, William...

Prior to my arrival at goTRG, there was no formal transportation department at the company, as the function was managed by one individual working in an operational sales role. Shipments were booked manually via email with no procedure for handling carrier payments, no uniform process established, nor any room for growth. This method resulted in several inefficiencies, including delayed payments and poor shipping rate calculations.

Recognizing the gap and potential of what the transportation environment could be, the goTRG team set out to find someone to establish and develop the new department. Fortunately, I was chosen for the role.

Recognizing the gap and potential of what the transportation environment could be, the goTRG team set out to find someone to establish and develop the new department. Fortunately, I was chosen for the role; however, upon starting at goTRG, I was suddenly tasked with an assignment for an important client, presenting a new opportunity.

The immediate need was to address a growing business sector by designing a way to accept the trucks in the yards, managing the status of all the equipment, and receiving the pallets into our system (R1). Among other things, we had difficulty identifying which trailers were in the yard, where they were, and whether they were empty or full. I resolved this problem with the proper implementation of a yard management software and by traveling to each client-specific facility across North America to set up an efficient process on-site, train employees, and incorporate SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) tailored to this project.

Fast forward to December of 2020, I assumed the role as Senior Transportation Manager at our headquarters in Miami. The goTRG Transportation department can be broken out into two categories: the automated and the manual businesses. The automated side refers to shipments from our marketplaces (goWholesale and DirectLiquidation) which have an online freight calculator that quotes shipping the product to the buyers’ desired destination. At the time, the shipping calculator had discrepancies in the quoting mechanism, which I remediated with the help of our developers by adding delivery-specific requirements based on buyers’ input and by adjusting other features that enhanced the process of quoting, checking out, and appointment scheduling. Additionally, these improvements improved the financial outcome for both goTRG and the buyers. Regarding the manual category of the business, there are many customers that utilize a non-software-driven shipping approach. We make sure to meet the needs of those accounts as well as focus on growing this business sector with competitive pricing, proactive communication, and strategic planning.

The growth of the transportation department over the past few years is a testament to our success. From acquiring new freight programs like shipping inbound to our facilities to developing more opportunities within the existing business, the transportation revenue has steadily increased tenfold from when I started. All the while, we have a focus on fixing transportation-related inefficiencies, which directly result in savings for the company. In addressing some of these inefficiencies and driving towards further automation, I have sourced and implemented a transportation management system (TMS) that best suits our business needs while streamlining various processes. Along with other capabilities, this system allows us to use technology to make data-driven decisions and to enhance our freight calculator, both of which are crucial as we grow.

Working at goTRG continues to be an enjoyable experience since there are so many company attributes that stand out and correlate to a positive work environment. The company’s culture is second to none. From monthly birthday celebrations and quarterly/seasonal gatherings to community service events, goTRG has built a thriving atmosphere for its employees. Being involved in both the community and the workplace, teammates get to be part of something that fosters cooperation and career satisfaction.

It truly has been an incredible journey thus far with goTRG in building the transportation department from the ground up. Specializing in transportation strategies has been a perfect fit for me, but we would not have had success without the teammates that have kept pushing us forward. Continual progress and satisfaction are key, and I have found the opportunity to achieve that here with goTRG.