Veronica Arias, People Operations Manager

Meet Veronica Arias, People Operations Manager at goTRG. In this month’s Perspective blog, we learn first-hand what it means to experience goTRG’s contagious company culture.

goTRG is made up of more than 2000 diverse teammates across the globe operating under one vision: to revolutionize returns. With experts in every field, from software and engineering to e-commerce and supply chain, we want to highlight the skilled teammates who elevate this company’s mission every day. Each month, we’ll hand over the metaphorical mic to a new goTRG teammate so you can better understand who we are and how we continually evolve as leaders in the industry.

Over to you, Veronica...

In July of 2022, I embarked on a new journey with goTRG's People and Culture (P&C) Department. Among several enticing offers, goTRG's company culture stood out to me. The collaborative work environment, where every voice is valued regardless of position or department, immediately resonated with my aspirations. What truly sealed the deal was the feedback I received from multiple employees who described goTRG as a warm and family-oriented workplace. Joining a company that empowers its employees and guides them towards success, like goTRG does, was a dream come true.

This opportunity to nurture and develop employees, recognizing their potential and promoting them to higher roles based on their merit, holds immense significance to me.

Accepting my role as a senior analyst at goTRG, I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have found an exceptional mentor in Christopher Kapp, the VP of People and Culture. Since my first day, Christopher has not only been a mentor but also a true friend. Under his guidance, I experienced rapid growth, transitioning from senior analyst to manager within just three months. This opportunity to nurture and develop employees, recognizing their potential and promoting them to higher roles based on their merit, holds immense significance to me. As I continue to learn from Chris, I firmly believe that there is still ample room for personal and professional growth.

Currently, the P&C department is divided into two categories: People and Culture Field, and Operations. The P&C Field focuses on the logistics of the employment process, while the People Operations department, which I currently manage, handles the employee operations including benefits, compensation, and HRIS system. As the People Operations manager, my daily responsibilities revolve around ensuring all employees are enrolled in company benefits and overseeing compensation matters. In my role, I conduct salary data analysis to ensure that all positions at goTRG are compensated in accordance with market standards. Additionally, I am entrusted with the active management of Paycom, goTRG's Human Resources Information System, which encompasses the entire employee lifecycle.

Having worked at goTRG for nearly a year, I have personally witnessed the impact of our company culture on goTRG's remarkable growth in the Reverse Logistics Industry. The collective contributions of each employee shape our culture. By fostering a positive outlook and supporting one another, despite our differences, we enhance the working environment and propel every individual towards their maximum potential. My first year at goTRG has been an incredible journey of growth, and I eagerly anticipate building relationships and expanding my knowledge for years to come.