Mirlande Dominique, Cost Account Manager

Meet Mirlande Dominique, whose expertise and experience shine in her role as Cost Account Manager. Mirlande brings invaluable insights and skills to goTRG’s business, while her radiant smile illuminates goTRG’s Headquarters. In this month’s Perspective Journal, we highlight why Mirlande feels goTRG’s biggest asset is its employees.

goTRG is made up of more than 2000 diverse teammates across the globe operating under one vision: to revolutionize returns. With experts in every field, from software and engineering to e-commerce and supply chain, we want to highlight the skilled teammates who elevate this company’s mission every day. Each month, we’ll hand over the metaphorical mic to a new goTRG teammate so you can better understand who we are and how we continually evolve as leaders in the industry.

Over to you, Mirlande...

When it comes to cost-based accounting, I’ve seen and done it all. During my professional career, I’ve provided my accounting expertise to multiple companies in diverse industries ranging from beverage manufacturers to fuel providers. Prior to arriving at goTRG, I spent the last eighteen years in the accounting department at a soft-drink manufacturing company. Becoming comfortable in my role having learned their operations and financials inside and out, I truly believed there was no better fit for me. That was until about a year ago when goTRG reached out through LinkedIn asking if I would be interested in a position at the company. At that time, the position offered was not aligned with my career path. However, it shifted my mindset in becoming open to exploring new opportunities.

While I declined that particular position, I kept in touch with the goTRG recruiter, given my interest in the company. One month later, the recruiter sent another message connecting me to the Vice President of Accounting at goTRG. I accepted the meeting, and this ultimately changed everything for me. I was intrigued by goTRG’s innovational business model, and its unique company culture, which made me realize this was a place I would thrive. It was a big decision to leave my prior employer and pursue a role in the new Reverse Logistics industry. However, I recognized this was a fantastic opportunity for me to further develop my skillset while leaping into something entirely new.

In my first few weeks at goTRG, I immediately realized the company culture here was entirely different from every place I had worked previously.

In my first few weeks at goTRG, I immediately realized the company culture here was entirely different from every place I had worked previously. What really stood out to me was each employee’s selfless mindset. Throughout the onboarding process, company executives took time out of their busy days to introduce themselves and answer my questions. I am proud to work in an environment that is so focused on empowering its employees. I knew from the get-go that I made the right decision and that goTRG is where I belong.

There is one story I love to share that demonstrates why working at goTRG is so special. Just as I started settling into this new work environment after my first month in the role, I was informed my manager had decided to leave the company. This was incredibly worrisome for me, as she reassured me, she would be there to help me along the way. Immediately after the news broke, our Vice President of Accounting made it a point to reach out and reassure me that he would provide me with the tools, access, and support so that I would be set up for success. Going above and beyond, every morning from 9:30 to 10:30, he invested the time to not only explain goTRG’s accounting protocols but to also teach me how the company’s software operates. By taking me under his wing and meeting daily for upwards of a month, he demonstrated what it means to be part of a team culture that values all its employees. While he was just the first to reach out, he was not the last. Shortly after, our Chief Financial Officer, also contacted me asking what he could do to help me thrive in this position. Their concern and reassurance made me realize the “tone from the top” in establishing a culture dedicated to my success was genuine.

Finding a company that is willing to invest in me by helping me learn, grow, and thrive is an experience I will always appreciate. goTRG treats its employees as their most important assets, looking at ways to support them on their individual roads to success.