One of goTRG’s core objectives is to eliminate unsustainable returns by leveraging technology to make the reverse supply chain less wasteful. Amidst the enduring global pandemic, our team maintained and prioritized our commitment to sustainability. Green initiatives have always been a part of our circular reverse logistics model, and they are paramount to our internal operations and to our mission-conscious teammates who drive our vision forward. 

To that end, we are proud to have been recognized as a Green Supply Chain winner by the Supply & Demand Chain Executive (SDCE) team for 2021. SDCE celebrates organizations in the industry that have made a genuine impact despite facing significant challenges. From shutdowns to shipping delays, labor shortages, and more, supply chain leaders like goTRG stayed grounded in our values, focused on continuing to build robust returns management software, and optimized our operations processes to continue serving our retail and manufacturing clients. 

“Whether it’s a new solution, a new program, or just simply a new way of doing business, these winners showcased heightened attention to social responsibility and environmental governance,” said Marina Mayer, Editor-in-Chief of Supply & Demand Chain Executive and Food Logistics. “Regardless of the challenges the supply chain industry faces, a sustainable supply chain continues to win in the end.”

The sustainability problem:

Today, only 5% of returned products get restocked. Almost 40% of retail returns are liquidated, donated, or thrown away. The rest are returned to the vendor, resold in stores, or refurbished and resold on the secondary market. During this process, unwanted items get needlessly shipped around the country because organizations lack the infrastructure, software, and intelligent data to efficiently determine where to route items from the point of return. This leads to mounting transportation emissions and costs, along with 5 billion pounds of potentially resellable waste annually.

goTRG’s solution:

goTRG utilizes our returns management software, consolidated reverse logistics centers, and secondary market resale strategies to optimize the reverse supply chain, eliminate unnecessary transportation waste, and make returns more sustainable through the circular economy. 

One example of how we achieve these goals is through our eReverse software which easily connects into any point-of-sale system and provides an intelligent disposition the moment an item is returned in store, or online. This eliminates unnecessary touches or transports and directly routes items to their most economical and green path. Not only do we leverage technology to provide more sustainable solutions, but we also conduct our business activities with an environmentally conscious mindset. In the last year, our team has enhanced its recycling practices, reduced packaging waste, and expanded the use of reusable and eco-friendly materials wherever possible. 

goTRG’s impact:

goTRG measures our green reverse supply chain achievements through waste reductions, emission reductions, and corporate and social responsibility. Here are some key metrics that quantify how our software and returns management strategy optimized the reverse supply chain in 2021 and led to more positive financial and environmental outcomes:

  • $4+ billion retail processed
  • $1.8 billion return credits filed
  • 4 to 1 week reduction in processing time
  • 5.2 million unnecessary transportation miles eliminated
  • 4,200 metric tons of CO2 emissions stopped from entering the environment
  • 40+ million items processed and fulfilled
  • 80+ million pounds spared from landfills, including:
  • 7.6 million home improvement items upgrading homes across the country instead of cluttering dumpsters
  • 6.2 million electronics making it easier to work and learn remotely instead of e-waste contaminating groundwater
  • 5.9 million furniture and home goods enhancing interior living spaces instead of wasting emissions transporting bulky, heavy items
  • 2.5 million patio and garden products making communities more beautiful 
  • 515k toys and media to be enjoyed by families
  • 311k sports and fitness items helping Americans stay healthy and active

goTRG’s green goals:

We are so proud of the mission-driven initiatives we’ve put in place and optimized in 2021. Still, we are constantly progressing and setting ambitious goals to reduce the environmental impact of returns for our retail and manufacturing clients. As such, we are meticulously tracking our impact as we ramp up efforts towards a zero-waste policy goal. Additionally, we plan to continue developing innovative technology to optimize the reverse supply chain and prevent products from reaching landfills. 

We will reinvent goTRG many times over in the next five years, but our commitment to sustainability will remain the same. We hope to reduce carbon emissions and product waste dramatically while being recognized as an enduring green leader in reverse supply chain and logistics.

“We’re honored to have received the 2021 Green Supply Chain Award and are excited to continue our mission and advocacy for more sustainable reverse logistics and, most importantly, a sustainable future,” said Sender Shamiss, CEO of goTRG.