How do we improve the shopping experience in the retail and eCommerce marketplaces to foster loyalty and customer happiness? It’s an oft-asked critically important question because delighting customers is the key to winning business.

According to the 10,000+ exhibitors and attendees at Shoptalk 2018, the answers are deeply rooted in technology. Experts say that customer experience is Priority No. 1 and that employing artificial intelligence and cloud-based technologies to streamline supply chain operations will be key to ensuring the highest customer satisfaction.

Shoptalk calls itself the “World’s Largest Conference for Retail and eCommerce Innovation.” From the looks of the massive 2018 conference held at the Venetian in Las Vegas last week, it’s easy to understand why.  Companies doing business at all rungs of the supply chain filled the gigantic conference center, greeting prospective customers and strategic partners, and talking about their technologies.

Miami-based goTRG is a global leader of business solutions and SaaS for supply chain and Omni-Channel. We were excited to meet and speak to Shoptalk attendees at our booth in the Emerging Technologies Pavilion. Several members of the goTRG team were on hand to discuss our incredible end-to-end cloud-based technology solutions for omni-channel & supply chain.

Our R1 technology is fueled by real-time data that eliminates touches and moves. The result? We provide our clients, including many of the world’s largest companies, with superior margins, controls and sell-through in real time.

The most exciting part of the conference was knowing that the topic of Artificial intelligence (AI) was finally taking its rightful place on the Shoptalk agenda.

At goTRG, we’ve been focused on AI for many years. R1, goTRG’s comprehensive SaaS platform, manage fulfillment and customer support for all aspects of the supply chain (including warehouse management and reverse logistics). In 2016, we created R1+ to engineer, manufacture and implement Automation, Robotics & Deep Learning AI tools into R1 across our facilities.

Our AI technology, 9040™, uses deep learning to collect, curate and analyze market data to drive smarter, real-time decision-making at every touchpoint throughout the entire supply chain. Shoptalk visitors were eager to learn more about 9040™ and the way our AI solution predicts the profit potential for each item and makes the best decision regarding disposition. By doing this, touches are minimized to make sure that every touch adds value at the lowest costs. This robust technology guarantees the highest net margins.

9040™ is learning around the clock and has already collected and curated well over 500+ million points of market data, created automated product catalogs and provided instant dynamic pricing for over 38+ million UPC templates.

At Shoptalk, keynote speeches given by eBay and Pinterest executives talked about how AI is going to change the way people buy and sell. And, they said, AI will continue to penetrate and revolutionize the buying and selling experience.

This isn’t news to us. goTRG’s partners are already seeing the incredible financial benefits of our end-to-end supply chain solution.

Moreover, we are proud to say, by reducing touches and moves, and making intelligent disposition decisions at the earliest possible point, goTRG’s smart technology is helping to reduce carbon footprint.

  • Intelligent disposition offered by 9040™ allows us to minimize touches and, subsequently, limit movement of products. The result is a significantly reduced need for transportation. To this end, our SaaS and AI supply chain solutions have already reduced environmental impact by over 15,000 metric tons of CO2 last year alone.
  • goTRG’s Omni-Channel solution – listing on more than 22 marketplaces – allows our customers to reach a wider audience than they could ever hope to reach by simply selling on Amazon or their own channel. As they say, “more eyes, more buys.”

We have 100,000+ SKUs simultaneously listed on 22+ marketplaces with a retail value of over $100+ million. In fact, goTRG has processed and sold 35+ million units with a retail value of over $2.3+ billion.

Plus, companies get the maximum recovery possible while keeping products out of landfills. It’s a built-in commitment to social responsibility. By the way, it really works. goTRG has stopped 100 million pounds of product from ending up in landfills to date.

Shoptalk attendees learned a significant amount of information about how technology is the key to becoming more efficient and being able to respond to customers’ thirst for constant satisfaction.

As such, there were hundreds of companies at Shoptalk 2018 offering outsourced supply chain solutions. However, it would seem, piecemealing together a technology solution to make your supply chain more intuitive would be cost-prohibitive and, quite frankly, the opposite of streamlined.

Instead, selecting a complete end-to-end SaaS solution for supply chain, especially one that incorporates smart technologies such as AI, is a much better choice.

Thank you ShopTalk for giving us the opportunity to showcase our products.