It's raining returns for retailers and manufacturers

In 2019, over $400 billion was lost in mismanaged returns! You can't disrupt the entire reverse logistics industry by only solving one part of the problem: It must be a complete solution that revolutionizes every inefficient step along the way.

Smartest Catalog

Smartest Catalog

Curated data on 100+ million UPC’s create profitable decision-making abilities on every item. 

We call this solution

The Umbrella

Streamlined Contract Management

A dynamic, shared workspace for unifying information between retailer and vendor from the point of a sales contract.

Optimized eReverse/RAD App

Single-touch disposition decisions
made in-store or online.

Global Supply Chain Infrastructure

Services to refurbish, repair, fulfill, RTV, and rekit millions of items each year at 15 facilities across North America.

Omnichannel Recommerce Listing

Simultaneous listing options across 20+ retail and wholesale marketplaces to maximize recovery potential, control supply, and protect your brand.


Physically and financially account for every returned unit from the point of return through to its final disposition.