A Revolutionary Model Built on SaaS, Supply Chain, and ReCommerce

goTRG is the only company that offers SaaS, Supply Chain and reCommerce under one roof to help drive financial recoveries and optimize sustainability opportunities.

A Revolutionary Model Built on SaaS, Supply Chain, And Recommerce

100+ million

UPCs collected and curated

10+ million

repricing decisions per hour

100+ million

units processed & sold annually


average recovery during COVID-19

software as a service

We changed the game by inventing software that eliminates human biases from returns decisions.

Our proprietary R1 application harnesses data from the largest privately curated catalog with 100+ million UPCs to determine the most lucrative disposition path for returned and distressed inventory. R1 then guarantees the highest recovery by selecting the resale channel and dynamically changing prices based on market conditions.

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worker man supply chain

Supply chain is the global infrastructure we built to manage returns from end to end.

Our supply chain operations consist of 15 facilities that transport, receive, return to vendor (RTV), refurbish, repair, sanitize, inspect, re-kit and fulfill items through goMint, our certified refurbishment process. From the time the items reach our facility until the time they are resold through our secondary channels, we oversee the entire process. We optimize returns so retailers and OEMs can focus on forward sales and strengthening bonds with customers to build loyalty in this increasingly competitive retail world.

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recommerce gotrg marketplaces

goTRG resells items on our privately-owned reCommerce marketplaces:

Items receive maximum exposure on our privately owned sites: Thestore.com, Directliquidation.com and VIPOutlet.com. We also have integrations with 20+  marketplaces to maximize exposure and direct items to the most profitable sales channel. Our selling capabilities have earned us awards and recognition from top sites like Walmart.com, eBay, and Amazon, to name a few.

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goTRG’s business model is built on eliminating waste at every step & touch point

In 2019, retailers across North America lost nearly $400 billion due to lack of infrastructure to effectively manage the process. What differentiates goTRG is that we have created the software, supply chain, and sales channels to effectively recover profits, and rescue items from reaching landfills. Our fully managed returns solution eliminates waste at every level, so retailers and manufacturers can focus on driving profits through forward sales.

Our process

Our Valued Clients

Our current and former clients include some of the largest retailers and manufacturers. We have a proven model and a demonstrated track record. We have staked our reputation on the results we have achieved for our clients and partners.

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