Transforming Returns for Manufacturers

Manufacturers regularly wait 30 days to receive returns before they can begin to devise a resale strategy

Perhaps the largest financial burden of the growing returns problem is the process for Return to Vendor, or RTV, costing manufacturers billions each year processing products with diminished value. In fact, major manufacturers regularly wait 30 days or more to receive returns before they can even begin to devise a resale strategy.

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Transforming Returns for Manufacturers
7 days

from point-of-return to product refurbished and resold

20+ Marketplaces

to simultaneously list products using dynamic pricing strategies

60% Higher 

value received for returned and distressed inventory

Disrupting the Old Returns Model 

The traditional return to vendor process leads to billions in lost revenue each ear. That's why goTRG devised the technology, processes and manpower to transform costly returns into profits with brand reputation at top of mind.

The Old Returns Model

Confusing RTV agreements results in mistrust between retailer and manufacturer.
Lack of transparency, leading to inefficient, wasteful, and costly disposition decisions.
Multiple touchpoints, wasted time, and diminished value while processing returns.
Lack of resources to refurbish distressed inventory and limited resale channels.
Lose 87.5% of every returned product’s value due to reverse inefficiencies.

Work with goTRG to grow your business

Our AI-Driven Model

Streamlined contract solution autonomously determines best financial path for both parties.
Full data visibility on reasons for return, condition of returned product, yield analysis.
Seamlessly processes returns at goTRG’s warehouses across 15 global locations.
Refurbish products and list on 20+ reputable marketplaces to guarantee brand protection at the highest margins.
Recover up to 60% more than traditional retail channels with goTRG’s solutions.

Our Valued Clients

We have a proven model and a demonstrated track record. We have staked our reputation on the results we have achieved for our clients and partners. That’s why the largest retailers and manufacturers in the world trust goTRG to manage their returns.


Over the past 10 years we’ve processed 100’s of millions of products across all categories.

Each product-type has specific and complex refurbishment requirements. When we entered this space, there was no standard compliance or governing regulation requirement for what it meant to be refurbished. We created that standard with keen attention to detail. Only touching items when we can add value. Hiring trained and qualified techs to expertly refurbish items. Rest assured, whatever you sell, we’ve seen it, refurbished it, and resold it for higher recoveries than traditional resale channels.

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Home goods

Bedding, lighting fixtures and furniture, tools, decor, luggage & more.

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Cameras, smartphones, laptops, desktops, gaming, audio & more.

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Jewelry, clothing, shoes, accessories, bags, wallets & more.

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Sports & exercise accessories, dolls, action figures, learning games & more.

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