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E-Recycling Drive

Apr 17, 2021
April 18, 2021
10 am – 4 pm CT

About This Event

goTRG is hosting a drive-thru community Electronics Recycling Drive, just a few days before Earth Day. New technologies and upgraded devices emerge almost daily — Americans own an estimated 24 electronic products per household, and as that consumption grows, consumers are tossing aside their outdated devices. According to the World Economic Forum, every consumer in the U.S. and Canada produces roughly 44 pounds of e-waste annually, only 12.5% of which actually gets recycled. Our rapidly growing use of electronics is leading to an environ-mental crisis, as an abundance of these items are disposed of improperly. Most people don’t realize that it can take up to 2 million years for these items to break down in a landfill. While Bentonville residents begin their “spring cleaning,” goTRG is encouraging them to load up their cars with any electronics that are currently collecting dust in an old drawer and drop them off in exchange for a 15% discount at goTRG is accepting the following devices: computers, TVs, cell phones, cameras, headphones, gaming consoles & printers.